Pearl Harbor Artwork & Collectables Series: Aftermath Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor History related interpretive art, collectables, unique stories, media, and educational materials – founded by artist Zack Anderson.

For 10-years, we are proud to have our highly interpretive and educational art selling at Hawaii’s most visited attraction – Pearl Harbor. Featured in the picture below is my best selling print entitled “Aftermath” – it is a 360-panorama of the Day after the Attack at Pearl Harbor, December 8th, 1941. This image is exclusive to this print!

Signed Artist Editions Will Be Available Online Soon!

We will be offering artist signed editions on our website soon as well as promoting signed prints at the non-profit gift shop at the Pearl Harbor visitor center.

We will be creating a detailed write up about this artwork next!  Please like our new page Facebook Page if you would like to follow our posts and see more of my Pearl Harbor related art!

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The Aftermath Pearl Harbor Print

This best selling print is an exclusive view of Pearl Harbor the day after the attack.  Please contact the artist directly via the Facebook page with the link above or by Text / Call to: 808-699-8660